Recently Windows 8 Update covered a blog post about how Nokia is being paid $250 million to support Windows Phone.

Personally, I think this is kind of sad that the only way that Microsoft can truly get wide-level support for Windows Phone is to pay someone off.

I understand the business arrangement is more than just a ‘pay off’, but still, it’s interesting that Microsoft had to reach this level.

Instead, companies should be excited to work with Windows Phone, it is a very stable, well-designed OS that will soon be very soon have many features stream-lined and connected with Windows 8.

Still, Nokia is a solid brand that could possibly bring Microsoft a long way and really help establish Windows Phone in the marketplace.

The biggest problem here is finding a way to compete against Samsung and Apple. The iPhone has been big news for years but recently even Samsung has been growing in the smartphone sector.

In order for Microsoft and Nokia to both succeed, Nokia is going to need to really push its phones to new and exciting levels.

This could really be what the $250 million is about, not a pay-off incentive for Nokia to want to get involved with WP, but instead an investment they can turn towards their phones in order to really set Windows Phone Nokia headsets apart from the pack.

It seems that Nokia may be doing just that, as the Lumia range may soon be getting both NFC and wireless charging (maybe even the upcoming Lumia 910).

While NFC is becoming more and more commonplace, wireless charging is pretty interesting. This will be the first time that a mobile phone has integrated wireless charging without adding a special case and third party charging plate.

How exactly it’s wireless charging system would work isn’t specified, but if they can really pull this off, it could certainly set the phone apart from competition.

Combined with the rumor that the Nokia Lumia 910 will have a 12MP camera, this could really make for an interesting headset. Wireless charging, NFC, 12MP, and Windows Phone; sounds like a winner to me.

At the end of February the Mobile World Congress will take place, and we will likely learn more about Nokia’s future headsets.

If Nokia can really push the envelope on its upcoming headsets, than perhaps the $250 million investment on Microsoft’s part was a good business plan after all.

How about you? Would you buy a Nokia headset with WP, wireless charging, NFC, and other cutting-edge features versus a Samsung Galaxy S II (or 3), or even an iPhone 5?

Or is Microsoft kidding itself thinking that Nokia can really bring Windows Phone a wider level of success?

For me personally, we shall see. I think that Apple and Samsung are both on the rise, but Microsoft and Nokia could certainly cut into other non-Samsung Android sales if it plays its cards right.

Android has some serious flaws, and if Microsoft can play on them, and leverage Windows 8 to its advantage, they could have a recipe for success with WP yet.

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    Sure! I’ll buy that WP!

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    The term is handset not headset!Doh