Another day, another Nokia codename. While the Finnish mobile phone maker is gearing up to unveil some new Windows Phone powered handsets at BUILD next week, it appears one of them is heading for the T-Mobile network in the United States.

Although no official confirmation has been provided in this regard, we do have the word of the prominent tipster evleaks to go by here, who claims that such a device will hit store shelves very soon.

As one can guess from the codename, this could well be a high-end device — some are calling this an exclusive version of the Nokia Lumia 930 handset that is reportedly set to make an appearance at Microsoft’s premier developer conference next week.

For their part, Nokia have confirmed that they are ready to launch more Lumia devices.

In any case, it appears that T-Mobile customers will have yet another high-end Lumia handset to enjoy, following the availability of the Lumia 925 at the carrier in 2013. Windows Phone fans at the carrier have been waiting for more than a year, and it seems their wait will soon be over.

No word on hardware specifications right now of this Nokia Monarch.

It would come as no surprise to see this smartphone launching at the sweet price of $0 upfront, with a carrier plan, as has happened before. But these are all rumors for now.

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  • Jake

    Nokia is making a lot of news recently. This seems like a good thing, but I’m not too familiar with T-Mobile, so I can’t say for certain.

    • Ted Smith

      From what I’ve heard about t mobile through friends and family, the service and number of dropped calls is worse than verizon or at&t. That’s just what I’ve heard, but good move for Nokie nonetheless.

      • Emily W

        I’ve heard similar stuff, Ted. Verizon seems to have the best service based on what I’ve heard from people who’ve had various providers, but T mobile could be cheaper. Nokia offering the monarch to t mobile should be good for t mobile owners, especially if it’s free.

        • Derrick Ford

          The $0 upfront refers to no money down. You still pay for the phone in monthly installments. Up to 24 months interest free.

          • WillyThePooh

            Of course there is no free lunch. But even if you buy the phone up front, you still have to pay monthly for voice and data plan. No contract is just an illusion.

  • Sally Black

    If this is $0 upfront and is as good of a phone as I think it could be, I’d definitely consider switching to T-mobile to sign a new contract. All phone carriers are pretty much the same to me at this point!

    • Bill Franklin

      Right on, Sally. I’ll research T mobile and if I like what I see, I will seriously consider switching if the Monarch is great. $0 for a phone with a new contract is an awesome deal.