Details are slowly floating up about the next batch of Nokia Lumia devices, and the company seems to be in James Bond mode when it comes to the codenames of these upcoming devices.

Now while there are no reports on the rumored hardware specifications of these devices, chances are that some of them will be showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2014 trade fair in January.

Last we heard, Moneypenny was on track to be one of the first Windows Phone Blue handsets, meaning it will offer the Windows Phone 8.1 experience right out the box. The devices in this upcoming wave carry the following codenames, by the way: Goldfinger, Moneypenny, Normandy, Phantom, and Spinel.

And the source that leaked these codenames, evleaks, is now back with more details on Moneypenny.

“Nokia planning a dual-SIM version of Windows Phone Blue-powered Moneypenny.”

So not only will Moneypenny be among the first smartphones that will ship with Windows Phone Blue, it appears to also be one a kind in its lineup with regards to the dual SIM capabilities.

Dig deeper into the tweet above, and it becomes clear that there may well be two models of Moneypenny — one standard, and the other with dual-SIM. The latter will probably go on sale in emerging markets like China and India, while the other version will get a global rollout.

Take this information above with a grain of salt, at least until more sources confirm this.

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