AdDuplex just released another of its regular reports providing us with a glimpse of how Microsoft’s mobile platform is evolving. And Nokia is running riot around the globe when it comes to Windows Phone 8 handsets.

The advertising networks notes in its blog post that Nokia’s share of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 saw an increase of 1.5 percent compared with last month’s statistics.

Nokia now accounts for 88.4 percent over the overall Windows Phone 8 devices out there, leaving other members of the party like HTC, Samsung and Huawei further behind. HTC currently makes up 8.5 percent of such handsets, Samsung 1.9 percent and Huawei is sitting at 1.2 percent.

In fact, the Nokia Lumia 520 again solidified its place as the undisputed leader. As AdDuplex notes:

“Nokia Lumia 520 continues cementing its domination. It crossed the 20% mark overall and 30% if we only count the Windows Phone 8 devices. But other than that there are no notable changes in the top 10.”

As of this writing, the Lumia 520 enjoys a 31.6 percent market share of Windows Phone 8 handsets, comfortably ahead of the Lumia 920 which is in second place with 13.8 percent.

Lumia 620, another popular handset is a very close third with 13.6 percent.

The latest Nokia Lumia devices are not doing that great on this list, which is understandable as they are just making their way to the store shelves. Lumia 925 for instance is on position 16, Lumia 625 is number 20 and the 28th spot is reserved for the impressive (but new) Lumia 1020.

In terms of overall market share between versions of the platform, Windows Phone 8 is currently well ahead of Windows Phone 7 and finds itself installed on 67 percent of all Windows Phone handsets out there in the wild.

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