Nokia Is Now Offering Power Keyboard For Free With Purchase Of The Lumia 2520

The battle for Windows RT supremacy may well be limited to just two companies right now (or one if you think about it), but both Microsoft and Nokia are in this this deep.

Nokia has been making some moves with its Lumia 2520, and the same can be said of Microsoft for its Windows RT 8.1 powered second generation tablet, the Surface 2. But if you are still undecided on which device to choose, the Finnish company has put up an offer you can’t refuse.

Not the one to be left behind in the holiday shopping frenzy, the company is now awarding users with something extra, something valuable if they pick up the slate before December 2.

The company is throwing in a Power Keyboard to go with the Lumia 2520.

If you buy this accessory separately your wallet will be noticeably lighter to the tune of $149. But if you avail this special promotion it can be yours for free as part of the bundle. Now this is what I call stuff that dreams are made of!

Some of you may be wondering why it is called a Power Keyboard.

Well, how about the fact that this accessory offers two benefits in one accessory. One, is that it offers the ability to type, and secondly it comes with a battery pack that actually extends the battery life of the tablet by as much as 50 percent.

The Nokia Lumia 2520 is now available in multiple markets. In the US, for instance, both AT&T and Verizon are selling the slate for $499 outright, and $399 with a two-year plan.

  • Ray C

    Now I really wish I had the cash to take advantage of the Phone+Tablet deal