If there is one thing that you can associate with the Finnish telecom titan in recent times its secrecy. Nokia has already launched a number of high profile smartphones these past few months.

But the company’s tablet and phablet plans have been under wraps for quite a while, and the same can be said for the rumored refresh of its mainstream smartphone lineup — Nokia Lumia 930, anyone?

Now, however, rumors are gathering pace that the company is inching ever closer towards releasing a large smartphone before the end of this year, one that supports a large sized display.

This latest report claims that this Nokia phablet is as good as confirmed.

A source said to be familiar with the company’s plans (ha!) allegedly said that the company would launch a handset this year that sport a 1080p touchscreen display. The reported screen size is supposedly larger than 5 inches.

The device is said to pack a quad-core processor inside, and should arrive on store shelves with the upcoming Windows Phone 8 GDR3 version of Microsoft’s mobile operating system.

GDR3 is said to bring along support for better hardware, quad-core processors and full HD displays.

No other details have been provided — expect that the rumored launch is in fact nearer than expected. Nokia could unveil the device in late September. A press event is scheduled to take place on 26 of next month, and while this date seems too good to be true, it is not all that far away.

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