Another overpriced accessory? Maybe not for professionals and power users, but there we have it. Nokia has finally made available for purchase the Power Keyboard for its Lumia 2520 tablet.

Both AT&T and Verizon are offering the accessory in the United States, and it should show up on other retailers (like John Lewis) that carry the tablet soon enough.

The first Windows RT powered tablet from Nokia launched to rave reviews last year, thanks to some impressive hardware underneath and a beautiful design at the top. And this accessory should please fans that want to add more functionality to their slate.

Keeping in mind just how much Microsoft likes to boast about the productivity aspect of its Surface slates, an accessory like this is a perfect companion.

The keyboard comes with an additional 2,027 mAh (rather odd number) battery that should provide ample extra juice. It also offers a couple of full size USB 2.0 ports — one can never have too many of these anyway, so this is handy.

Now, Nokia actually offered this accessory for free to early adopters in the US, and they should be getting it any moment now. Standalone purchases, however, start at $149 apiece. Deluxe stuff.

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  • Wayne S

    This is certainly expensive, but if you’re someone with a long commute or travel a lot, I think this can be a good deal. I know a lot of people who travel for business 3 days a week, so having a table that can become a laptop with a portable charger all in one, it’s certainly a lot easier to travel.

  • Bill Franklin

    While I think Wayne makes some good points, I just dont ever see myself paying $150 for a keyboard with a charger. It just seems like too big of an investment for its function. I’ll wait and see if the price goes down.

  • Ray C

    I still don’t see why they can’t get these accessories to under $100. Why not a $99 cover?