Nokia Preparing Glee, A Successor To The Lumia 520

Unless you have just returned from a trip to outer space, you probably already know that the insanely popular Lumia 520 is tearing up the sales charts around the globe. Both Nokia and Microsoft are said to be pleased with the handset.

In fact, in terms of pure statistics, the Lumia 520 is the currently the bestselling Windows device. And both companies have taken this as a sign to increase their focus on the low and midrange segments of the mobile market, as it promises notable growth.

And now to sustain the momentum, Nokia has prepared a successor to the Lumia 1520.

Rumors on what the telecom giant has in store for its Nokia World event in Abu Dhabi later this months have been doing the rounds. What we do know is that the company has no less than six devices in line to be unveiled at the anticipated event.

Two of these spots are taken by the company’s first phablet (the Lumia 1520) and its first ever tablet (the Lumia 2520, powered by Windows RT). Now it seems that another device has been confirmed.

Serial leaker evleaks claims that the Lumia 525 is certain to be announced later this month.

The phone is also known as Nokia Glee, and as the name suggests will be a music focused smartphone. No details are available regarding rumored specifications, though it goes without saying that the Lumia 525 will slightly improve the display and processor of the blockbuster Lumia 520.

As always, stay tuned for more on this matter in the comings weeks.

  • Mike Greenway

    They call them ‘Leakers” and I think that is too nice. People that can’t keep their word (non-disclosure agreement ) I don’t respect or trust.