Nokia Press Event Set For April 19, Lumia 630, 635 And Martini Expected

Well, here we are with more rumors. After steaming ahead with its Android lineup of devices, the Finnish telecom giant is shifting attention to the Windows Phone platform.

Nokia X has already launched in many markets, and is set to do so in a few more.

But Windows Phone fans were left high and dry at the recently concluded Mobile World Congress in Barcelona late last month, as Nokia did not announce any Windows Phone powered handsets. Which is understandable, in some ways.

Microsoft is still finishing up work on Windows Phone 8.1, and no one has announced anything that runs this next version of the mobile operating system.

Anyway, all that is set to change if we go by what evleaks is getting at. The famous leaker has it on good authority that Nokia might hold a press event on April 19 to showcase a few of its unannounced handsets — information on some of which leaked ahead of MWC 2014.

First up is the Nokia Lumia 630 and its dual SIM cousin, the Lumia 635.

These two sets (also known as Moneypenny) have been in the news for months now, and since Windows Phone 8 currently does not support dual SIM capabilities, there is every chance that these devices will arrive powered by Windows Phone 8.1. Every chance.

Codename Martini is another device that is widely expected to be introduced at this April 19 event.

  • Ray C

    I’m looking forward to more info on this. There needs to be another affordable device other than the 52x. They’ve completely ignored people who can afford to pay just a little more off contract, say maybe $100 more than the 520

    • JohnCz

      I don’t think they ignored it, they have had the 600 and 700 series Windows Phones for awhile now. Unfortunately those have not been widely available in the U.S.. That is about to change it seems. I just hope these rumor’d low end devices are much thinner than the 520 .. because that does seem to turn off would be customers.