The dust is finally starting to settle after Nokia unveiled its first ever phablet and tablet late last month. Rumors and reports are now focusing on what the Finnish telecom titan plans to do next.

Well, how does a brand new flagship — an imaging flagship at that — sounds?

Nokia Lumia 1020, impressive as it is in its photography capabilities is still a Windows Phone 8 handset through and through. This means a display that is not full HD, a processor that could potentially be much faster, and operating system features that could offer a better experience overall.

And this, it seems, is exactly what the company is planning right now. Nokia is readying up an imaging Lumia flagship handset powered by the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1, according a recent leak.

This information comes from evleaks, and suggests a 2014 release, most probably:

“Besides Goldfinger/3D Touch, two more 8.1 handsets from Nokia: one featuring a Siri-like assistant, plus a new imaging flagship.”

It was earlier this week that we first heard some details about two future Nokia handsets, one of them a least, with some futuristic features. But as the tweet above suggests, the company also plans a device that will come with the long rumored Cortana personal assistant.

All in all, we can safely assume that Nokia will launch all these new devices, sometimes next year, most probably late first quarter, early second.

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    Would be nice if I could afford to get whatever was the high end phone for the OS of my choosing.