What is today, the unofficial Nokia stories day? After the news of an unannounced Nokia Lumia 625 getting certified in China earlier in the day, it appears that a new Nokia rumor has popped up.

Not much is known about it right now, but the new handset carries the codename Rivendale.

The Finnish telecom giant seems to be getting ready to launch another Windows Phone handset. The famed and famous evleaks is claiming to be in on the codenames and model numbers of several upcoming devices, and Nokia Rivendale is one of them:

“Some new codenames: Nokia Rivendale. HTC Z4. Amazon GLP70. Lenovo Aupres & Snoopy.”

Details are pretty much nonexistent right now, apart from the codename, obviously.

Speaking of which, this codename of the mysterious smartphone has not shown up in the past. For this reason, it is hard to pinpoint whether this is one of the previously rumored Nokia devices, or something completely new the company is cooking up.

More importantly is the question whether this is a smartphone at all, or a maybe even a tablet device. Nokia has long been rumored to be working on a slate, and the launch of Windows 8.1 in the next few months is a perfect opportunity for the Finnish company to launch a tablet.

Having said that, it is suspected that mode details on the Rivendale hardware configuration should head our way in the weeks to follow. Interesting times, ahead!

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