Another fine Thursday morning, and another fine codename. This time Nokia Roadrunner is in the news as the codename of a device that might be launching in the next few months.

Now admittedly, as far as codenames go, this one is very interesting.

And although it comes from the famous tipster, evleaks, no further information about what this device is has been provided. Or even a validation that it is, in fact, a smartphone, to start things off. Except for the fact that it exists, and is coming in the near future.

If it is a smartphone, chances are that it might be one that delivers blazing fast performance, judging by the codename. Then again, it might prove to be something else entirely.

Say, a fitness band, or a smartwatch, or whatever.

Adding to the mystery is the notion that whether this device is going to be released by Microsoft, or Nokia. Redmond is only allowed (as in licensed) to use the Nokia brand name on smartphones. So if it is a smartphone, it might be launched by Microsoft.

Much to ponder over here, and I am sure, much will be revealed in the coming weeks.

Nokia has, however, expressed an interest in entering the market for wearables (hint, hint, Nokia HERE suite of applications offers untapped potential), so whatever this Roadrunner thingy might end up being, chances are that it could be very exciting.

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  1. Sounds like a fast smartphone! At least that’s what Nokia believes it will be. Fingers crossed until we hear more info on this.

  2. These codenames always make me laugh! How long have they been doing this and is there a backstory behind them?

  3. I like your logic here, Lisa. The name does sound like it’ll be a fast phone, but maybe it’s a diversion and will be a smartwatch after all. We’ll have to wait and see.

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