Fans of Big Red can finally celebrate next month. Latest reports are suggesting that Nokia is almost ready to launch the anticipated Lumia 928 smartphone for Verizon.

Nothing is official yet, but Bloomberg is confident that the anticipated 928 is set for unveil sometimes in May, coming to Verizon Wireless in the United States.

The smartphone is said to feature a 4.5-inch display with an impressive 8 megapixels camera with a metal body. Previous reports have, however, suggested that the design had incorporated thinner polycarbonate. But then again, a metal body is long due.

Lumia 928 is obviously a variant of the Lumia 920 — though one that comes with some slight changes including a Xenon flash (instead of the regular LED flash) and AMOLED technology for the display to go with the thinner and lighter body.

One of the reasons cited for this launch is that Samsung Galaxy S4 is not set to arrive at Verizon Wireless until May 30, and the carrier decided to launch Nokia’s flagship in the meantime.

Also Nokia is said to be waiting for Microsoft to apply finishing touches to the GDR2 update for Windows Phone 8, before unleashing the Lumia 928.

There is also a distinct possibility that the Finnish telecommunication giant will bundle the Lumia 920 PR2.0 update right out of the box for this new smartphone.

In any case, this probably will be the last major smartphone release for this generation of Nokia Lumia devices. The company is said to be preparing to launch new flagship models and refresh its smartphone offerings for this year, very soon.

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