There are two things Nokia does really well. One is designing really amazing devices, and the second is codenaming them quite rather imaginatively. Almost all recent products to come from the Finnish company carry ingenious code names.

The company unveiled its first tablet, the Windows RT powered Lumia 2520 a couple of weeks back.

And now it seems that the company has another slate to show to the world. This is actually not the first time we are hearing about the Illusionist, but at least now we know what it exactly is. Before today some figured it as a variant of the Lumia 1520, and other marked it as the Lumia 929.

But according to evleaks, the codename is for another Windows RT tablet — the company’s second. More notable is the fact that this will be an 8-inch slate, and it is reasonable to except it to be a lot more affordable than the recently announced Nokia Lumia 2520.

The Windows ecosystem surely needs smaller Windows RT powered tablets, and while Microsoft is said to be preparing smaller Surface units for release next year, this one could be the answer this holiday season, provided it hits the store shelves in the coming weeks.

Complete hardware details are not currently available, but word on the street is that the device will come with a stylus and will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor.

A 1080p display is also rumored, but we should have more on this device in the coming weeks.

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