Something for the awkward column. Nokia have created a pretty good service in the form of HERE Maps on Windows Phone. But there is a change on the horizon.

And not a good one for Windows Phone users.

In its efforts to focus its resources on the much larger iOS and Android platforms, Nokia is planning to significantly wind down development on the Windows Phone front. This was confirmed by a Nokia executive, Sean Fernback.

The senior vice president for Everyday Mobility at HERE had this to say:

“As a result of the transaction with Microsoft, we’re having to wind down our Windows Phone app development and shift it over towards Android and iOS.”

Now, while this does not exactly mean the end of the road for the Windows Phone effort, it does certify that Nokia will invest much less time and resources on Microsoft’s mobile operating system — instead the two bigger platforms are set to take center stage.

HERE, the Finnish company’s suite of mapping and location applications was not part of the deal that saw Microsoft takeover the devices and services unit of Nokia earlier this year.

As a result, Redmond continues to license the use of HERE mapping data in Bing maps under an agreement. Nokia obviously retails full control of the platform, and it has in the past few months becomes its core business.

Disappointing overall, but maybe that will push Microsoft to develop its own custom solution.

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  • Black Eagle

    Microsoft should have bought the entire Nokia company. Now they should turn Bing maps into a serious competitor.