Nokia sure has a knack of supporting and standing by its products and services. For many, this is the defining factor of not only the company’s successes in the past, but also its newfound optimism with the Windows platform.

One facet of how the company supports its products is by creating and publishing support videos of its latest products to help users come to grips with their features. The Finnish company regularly creates clips of its mobile handsets, highlighting various options.

And now it has done for its first ever tablet.

The Lumia 2520, a stylish Windows RT tablet, was launched last month and has started to hit store shelves in markets like Finland and Russia, with the US launch expected on November 22.

And for those of you looking to purchase the slate, Nokia has uploaded a couple of support videos on its very own YouTube channel that paint a good picture of what to expect.

The first video shows how to place the SIM card into the tablet to enjoy cellular connectivity. This is also where you can slide in the optional memory card for expanded storage. Take a look at the video below:

And the second video shows off some of the important parts of the device, like the camera, power and lock buttons, volume up and down keys, keyboard dock and more. You can watch the clip below:

The Lumia 2520 has been priced at $499 for the 32GB model with LTE connectivity, and is set to be available in several markets in the coming weeks.

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