Soon after this second quarter of 2013 ended, Nokia confirmed that it had sold around 7.4 million smartphones. This was said to be a very encouraging number for the Finnish handset maker.

And today the Wall Street Journal claims that that the company sold even more Lumia devices in the third quarter — sources close to the matter indicate that company moved no less than 8 million Lumia smartphones, an increase of 600,000 units from the previous quarter.

Microsoft has recently taken over the devices and services division of Nokia (pending approval), but the company continues to give the Windows Phone platform a much needed push. Nokia has definitely sold a lot of Lumia devices over the past two years, since adopting the platform back in 2011.

Now while the sales of Lumia smartphones cannot be compared to Samsung’s line of Galaxy devices, not yet, but the sustained growth of the Lumia devices proves that customers like what they are seeing.

If anything, more and more people are tempted to switch to the Windows Phone platform.

Redmond’s fledgling mobile operating system has recently attained double digit market share in some European countries, while it has become the number two platform in the Asian markets like India.

The report reveals that this is the fourth consecutive quarter for increased sales of Nokia Lumia handsets. And if 8 million devices are indeed sold, it actually makes this an increase of more than twice that of the same period last year.

With the anticipated Nokia World 2013 event set for tomorrow at Abu Dhabi, expect this acceleration to continue through the holiday season.

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  • Ray C

    So, does anyone know the ratio of sales to share? How many sales in each market equates to a 1% share increase?