Finnish telecom giant Nokia is widely expected to make official a new Windows Phone 8 powered phablet, the large screen Lumia 1520 that also goes by the codename of Bandit.

And the grapevine says that the device will arrive with a new gallery application called Storyteller.

These rumors have been reported a few times before, but now a leaked screenshot shows the app running on the above mentioned device. And not just the Lumia 1520, but also the Lumia 2520 — Nokia’s upcoming Windows RT tablet.

This new photo has recently surfaced online, courtesy of evleaks, and it shows the new app running on both the devices. What this also means is that the days of unified apps for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 are not all that far away.

Microsoft has already expressed its desire to tighten things up — the company plans to offer an increased level of compatibility between both of its popular platforms so that the same apps could run on both platforms without any modifications.

Nevertheless, what sort of compatibility this app promises is only pure speculation for the time being.

Nokia will probably reveal the complete details on October 22 at its anticipated Nokia World event set to take place in Abu Dhabi. This is where the Lumia 1520 and Lumia 2520 are projected to be officially unveiled for the first time.

Mark your calendars, folks, it promises to be a momentous occasion for both Microsoft and Nokia.

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