Nokia Tablet Could Be A Strong Competitor For Apple And Amazon

Nokia Tablet Could Be A Strong Competitor For Apple And Amazon

Windows 8 is shaping up to be the greatest offering yet, with faster installation, download based installs, faster startup times, and its Metro desktop that gives PCs a new tablet-like feel.

The biggest news involved with Windows 8 though is that it will be the same PC on a desktop or tablet and will feature support for ARM processors this time around.

With Windows 8 around the corner, many companies have been talking about the tablet offerings they will be bringing out in 2012 and 2013 that will run on Windows 8.

Nokia is certainly one of the companies that is focusing on tablets, which they consider part of their integral strategy for regaining US market support.

Nokia now promises that such a tablet could be out as early as June of next year and according to the head of Nokia France such a tablet could give Apple and Amazon a run for their money.

Additionally they have also started really focusing on Windows Phone 7 smartphones as well.

There really was no solid information behind their claim to compete with Apple and Amazon, and it sounded more like ordinary marketing hype. Still, let’s consider what it would take for Nokia to make a tablet that could really take on the competition.

I recently released an article on Windows8update discussing how Microsoft could actually do very well in tablet market if it played its cards right.

One of the ideas I talked about was Microsoft creating a ‘flagship’ device that would demonstrate the best of Windows 8.

Nokia has recently expressed bringing its partnership with Microsoft to new heights and is also showing plenty of interest in regain US market pull. So would Nokia make the perfect partner for such a flagship device?

Honestly, yes. Nokia doesn’t have the pull in the states that it used to have, but it is certainly still a solid brand.

If Nokia wants to put its money where its mouth is,  their competing tablet should have specifications that allow content creation but at the same time have a low enough price point for more casual users.

Amazon is doing well against Apple, at least so far, because it offers a great content consumption service while still keeping at a fair price.

Part of Amazon’s strategy involves selling at a loss and making up for it with its online content sales, unfortunately such a strategy really wouldn’t work for Nokia, or would it?

If Microsoft created a  partnership with Nokia where it would give a small percent of content sales to the company, this could possibly work. Would Microsoft ever enter into such an arrangement? Probably not.

So what should Microsoft and Nokia focus on to be a success? Microsoft should focus on Zune integration and updating several of its big-hitting Windows x86 programs over to Metro.

This means that productivity and content-consumption would be present in such a Nokia flagship model.

As for Nokia? They need to develop a tablet that has modest yet capable specifications that can turn heads while offering a bit of both iPad and Fire features.

What do you think about Nokia’s plans for the tablet market? Do you think that a flagship partnership with Microsoft would be a good idea or is even possible? Share your thoughts below.


  • ECM2

    Indeed, a Nokia windows tablet will be a strong competitor if they release one immediately. The only way to do this is by releasing a Nokia tablet with windows phone 7 (or a tablet-optimized variant of wp7) as operating system.  They wait a few months and there will be loads of Android ICS tablets, new generation iPads, and .. what’s this new Samsung OS?  Each month that passes, the greater the inertia.  So what are you waiting for Microsoft and Nokia (and other MS partners)?  Show us the WP7 tablet now.  Not to worry, we still need our desktops, our workstations, and our windows 8 later.