Nokia is a very close partner with Microsoft when it comes to Windows Phone, but what about the mobile-oriented Windows 8? We have yet to see any real indication that Nokia is jumping into the tablet market.

Why haven’t they? For one thing, they are having major fiscal problems. For another, they haven’t really seen huge success with Windows Phone yet, so why jump into another very different OS?

Despite the lack of information, Nokia and Microsoft fans continue to dream up prototypes of Nokia Windows tablets and continue to buzz about what a Nokia tablet might be like. In order to stir up some more rumors, let’s take a look at some patented prototypes that recently surfaced.

Most of us probably aren’t surprised that these have turned up– Nokia has hinted in the past that they are at least playing around with the idea of a tablet. A prototype doesn’t mean it is something they are going to push into a final product, though.

The first of these designs (which I couldn’t find a picture for) is supposed to look like a larger Nokia N9. The second one is pictured above and looks much more like an ordinary, somewhat boring, tablet.

This is far from definitive proof. Still, it raises a good question.

Would Nokia RT tablets appeal to anyone?

Yes, Nokia has great software and hardware. Yes, even in their bad fiscal state they have fans. Still, I have a hard time thinking that anyone can compete in the Windows RT world against Microsoft’s Surface with a 10-inch design. The design of the surface is top-notch and the price is right on par with the 3rd-gen iPad.

What would Nokia bring to the table? I like Nokia, don’t get me wrong. I just am uncertain how a company that has never built a tablet or used a tablet OS could possibly know what they are doing. Of course the same could be said for Microsoft, the Surface is their first tablet hardware and Windows 8 is their first real tablet OS.

There is one area where I think Nokia RT could have merit though, a 7-inch design. We have yet to see or hear about any devices in this size range, and with Apple preparing their own 7-inch model, there is a lot of competition here.

Some might argue that Windows 8 isn’t really fit for a smaller screen, I somewhat agree. Still, if anyone could pull off a 7-inch design I would bet on Nokia. If they did something like this it would set their tablets apart from other vendors and from the surface.

If Nokia and Microsoft could achieve a $250-$300 price range, it could have some merit. What do you think? Will we ever see a Nokia tablet? If we do, is it possible it would be a 7-inch device?


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  • Robert Kegel

    I think Nokia should wait to see what happens with their Windows Phones. If they make a tablet they may be stretching them selves to thin. If they wait and their phones are successful then they’ll have the money to make a good tablet.

    On that note I agree if anyone can make a good 7in Windows RT tablet it’s Nokia. I think they can make a decent 10in tablet as well. If they can put some of the hardware (the IPS screen, the true black and being able to use a glove or other objects to use the screen) into a tablet, I think it would do well. Maybe if Surface does well and Microsoft can’t meet demand maybe Microsoft would let Nokia license their type cover technology.

  • Rikkirik Contrera

    You can’t wait untill the market is defined, you must jump on the bandwagon now. Nokia is doing the right thing. Nokia’s brand is still strong so you should take advantage of that now, otherwise you may as well say your prayers.