When it comes to establishing Windows 8 tablets, I am of the opinion that Microsoft should really consider a strong partner to make a flagship device. This is stealing a page out of Google’s playbook (with its Nexus line), but still not necessarily a bad idea.

The form that this device takes could vary from an Xbox-branded tablet, a Zune-branded tablet, or just using a strong partner’s brand and touting it as a flagship unit. Such a device would need to demonstrate the very best that Windows 8 has to offer while still achieving a desirable price tag ($250-$450?). Kinect integration, Zune integration, LIVE, and Office are just a few features that come to mind when imagining this fabled flagship W8 tablet.

In a past blog post I mentioned that one partner that would really make a great option for such a flagship device is Nokia. Considering how much weight Nokia is putting on a US comeback using WP7, I previously thought this would make a lot of sense. Though it seems that I was wrong.

While companies like HP, Lenovo, and Dell have already confirmed that they will produce some kind of Windows 8 tablet, Nokia hasn’t. The online world has buzzed around rumors about Nokia’s interest in pushing ahead with Windows 8 tablets but no definitive proof has come to show that Nokia is directly interested, at least not immediately when tablets surface.

This week, Nokia commented on their supposed plans regarding a Windows 8 tablet in the immediate future. Nokia affirmed they’ve made no official plans anywhere in the world regarding tablets and right now are just considering what strategy they will take if and when they make the move to tablets.

Multiple executives involved in Nokia have stuck behind the news that they are not yet planning anything definitive, instead just weighing their options and studying the market.

While I still believe Nokia would be a strong partner for establishing such a flagship device, obviously the point is moot if they aren’t going to be one of the first companies in the door. This is really too bad, as I am of the opinion that getting involved head-first in the emerging Windows 8 tablet market could really be the push Nokia needs to re-establish its brand.

Of course the news that we’ve been presented doesn’t officially mean they aren’t still planning on a Windows 8 tablet when they launch.

Keep in mind that they’ve said they have no immediate plans, well if other rumors are true than we won’t be seeing a Windows 8 tablet of any kind (beyond preview tablets) until 2013. That’s certainly not the immediate future, and so they could just be holding out on specific information until Windows 8 for ARM is closer to launch.

If Nokia waits too much longer than other big names like Samsung, Lenovo, HP, and Dell then they fall into risking their opportunity to use tablets to build up their reputation again.

I really want to support Nokia, and used to be a huge fan. I just haven’t been presented anything solid from them to change my mind, though I hope this changes soon.

Do you think it would be a mistake of Nokia to wait off on Windows 8 tablets?

What do you think of Nokia’s attempts at a comeback?

Share your thoughts below.

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  • ECM2

    And when are they coming? When everyone already has an iPad2/3/4 or an Android HC/ICS/dessert?  Come on.. use common sense – wouldn’t a Nokia WP7 tablet catch everyone’s attention if released immediately?  

  • ECM2

    Release wp7 tablet NOW while wp7 is HOT.
    Windows 8 is also hot NOW but – in 1 or 2 years – the world will be very different (if there’s still one) and nobody knows if win8 will still be hot.
    Nobody will buy COLD.
    TIMING is everything.