After a relative little lull of the past few weeks, Nokia is once again seems busy with new product launches. The Finnish telecom giant recently unveiled its remarkable new flagship, the Lumia 1020, and is now gearing up to launch a new product tomorrow.

It has already started teasing it online, on various official channels.

An image uploaded on the company’s Facebook page shows, what is quite possibly, the back of a new smartphone. But it is the text that accompanies the teaser photo that is even more interesting:

“Watch this space, something BIG landing here tomorrow.”

Nokia followed this up with a similar tweet, saying:

“Something BIG landing tomorrow. Tune in tomorrow at 9 am UK time.”

And the fun just does not stop here. The company also talked about this recently on its Nokia Conversations blog, saying:

“We can’t tell you what it is yet. But we can tell you when. Tune in tomorrow at 9am UK time. See you then.”

The most obvious interpretation of these exciting statements is that the company is gearing up to release a large screen device, be it a smartphone or a phablet. But given the fact that the Windows Phone 8 platform has rather limited support for large resolutions, a smartphone is a safer bet.

And not just any smartphone — it spear that the company is talking about making official the recently rumored Nokia Lumia 625 at the aforementioned event

This handset is expected to arrive on the store shelves with a 4.7 inch touchscreen display, and an equally impressive 2,000 mAh battery, if previous reports are to be believed. Stay tuned for more on this tomorrow, as it happens.

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