If technology companies could be personified, Nokia would be portrayed as a quite a giddy and excited individual. And that is understandable because of the string of successes the Finnish telecom titan has had to its name in the past couple of years.

Keen to build up on these, the company is ready to bring the goods at BUILD. Get it?

Nokia has, for all intents and purposes, confirmed that it will introduce new Lumia smartphones, new Windows Phone 8.1 devices, early next month at Microsoft’s BUILD developer conference.

This is what the company had to say on its Conversations blog:

“What makes 2014 so special is the exciting Microsoft and Nokia partnership, and boy, have we got some treats lined up for you. So when will you find out? Meet us here at Conversations on Wednesday April 2 where we’ll be revealing all.”

As telling as statement one can make, really, after the no show at MWC 2014.

There are hints that at least two of these new smartphones are the Lumia 930 and Lumia 630, though considering that the company is unleashing a whole new family, it is not farfetched to suggest that maybe even the Lumia 830, 730 and 530 could also go live.

And heavens to bitsy, even a Lumia 1030, oh my!

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  1. The different numbers associated with the Lumia confuse the heck out of me! If they went in order, I would get it more, but they just appear completely random to me! I am excited to see what’s revealed at BUILD, though.

  2. Is anyone on your staff attending Build 2014? I’d love a first-hand account from this site! Keep up the good work!

    • I second this! It’d be awesome if you guys were able to attend and get the scoop up close and personal! If not this year, definitely next year.

    • It would also be awesome if you guys could get a Microsoft employee to interview about the conference! Just some ideas that I would love to see!

  3. It’s time to re-organize and streamline the Lumia lineup, but this is great news

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