We’ve heard rumors of Nokia working on a tablet for quite some time now. With their current financial situation, it was generally dismissed as wishful thinking, though. Now the rumors are rumbling again, this time with claims that we will see the tablet at Mobile World Congress.

The latest rumor comes from a supply chain in Taiwan, and is from DigiTimes. For those that don’t know, Digitimes has a very mixed reputation when it comes to rumors. In other words, take this with a hefty dose of salt.

So what would a Nokia tablet bring to the table? With the Surface already the core flagship, I’m not sure it has anything special to bring to users, that is unless it is a 7-incher. There have been past claims that Microsoft will prepare “Windows Blue” in mid-2013 and will bring 7/8-inch display support and optimization.

If true, a Windows RT-based Nokia tablet with a lower-end (maybe $250-$350) price point would sound very attractive.

Unfortunately, the reports from Digitimes says it will be a 10-inch device and will have an S4 processor inside. I just don’t see this one happening, because I think there is too much competition here for Nokia. In the smartphone world, they are the big boss, they are exclusive and Microsoft lets everyone know it. This isn’t the case in the tablet world.

Providing Nokia really is planning a tablet, would you consider it or with options like the Surface RT and PRO, do you feel that a Nokia tablet is unnecessary?

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  • Nelson

    with Nokia Tablet and Microsoft Surface the world of tablet will be more fun… Nokia can hit the market if they deal with the hardware and allow windows to run and OS.. that will make a lot of money to Nokia and Microsoft….