Smart decision from the Finnish telecommunication giant.

Even though its newer flagship smartphones in the Lumia series like the 920 and 820 are charting up sales records the world over, Nokia knows that it’s better to focus on the bread too rather than only on the butter.

According to a report from Digitimes, the company will make entry level and midrange phones (both feature and smart) its main target for next year, as it tries to regain its lost crown. This will allow Nokia an opportunity to increase its market share in emerging markets like Asia, Africa and South America.

The article states that Nokia is set to continue placing more orders for Windows Phone 7.5 devices to ODM (original design manufacturers) in Taiwan. These phones can be pushed onto store shelves at a much lower price, as the article states:

“Although Nokia has launched Windows Phone 8 smartphones, it is difficult for such smartphones to be available in entry- to mid-range market segments because of high hardware standards and licensing charges required for the platform, the supply chain makers pointed out”.

Windows Phone 7.5 is nevertheless a platform in transition with limited long-term potential for continued development — not just of the operating system but also apps.

Reports are already brewing that another operating system (anyone for Android), may at some time come into the picture (for lower end models), but with Microsoft and Nokia enjoying their successful partnership, chances of this happening are nevertheless slim.

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