Nokia To Target Low End By Launching New Dual SIM Lumia Smartphones

The Finnish telecommunication giant focused on premium Lumia smartphones after joining the Microsoft Windows Phone camp. And rightly so, to good success it must be said.

But now having registered impressive success with the most affordable smartphone in its Windows Phone 8 Lumia range, the Lumia 520, Nokia now appears set on focusing on this segment to increase its market share.

And with the same stroke give a bump to the Windows Phone platform as well.

If anything, Jo Harlow, Nokia’s executive vice president for the smartphone business has already confirmed the company’s new strategy. In an interview the senior executive said:

“We will continue to push the boundaries of how low we can take Lumia. That’s one thing. Dual-SIM is an important one and to be really successful in the Indian market. And that’s something on our radar to bring to the portfolio.”

The executive also added that the company is focused on launching affordable new devices that pack features that are currently missing from its lineup — and one of these features is dual SIM capability.

And this is one feature that is highly appreciated in emerging markets.

What are your thoughts on this new strategy from Microsoft’s closest Windows Phone partner? Have you been holding out for a budget Lumia smartphone? How positively will this impact the overall smartphone ecosystem in general and Windows Phone ecosystem in particular? Share your thoughts.

  • Agosto Nuñez

    Finally, I love Dual S.I.M. phones, despite having only one S.I.M.-card, I often give these as gifts to my family-members ’cause they often have hundreds of phones per person (¿why?).

    • Sjan

      I have been holding out, getting a windows phone just because of the lack of dual sim

  • Tomi

    When is it coming out with the dual sim? I like need it today.

  • Steve Carroll

    I want a high end windows 8 dual sim phone

  • I like windows dual sim phone..when this upcoming…