Finnish telecom giant Nokia has several special tricks up its sleeves, and one of the most significant ones is its lineup of exclusive apps and services. The company invests a substantial amount to improve and enhance these services.

Earlier today, the company has officially announced the launch of what it bills a complete Connected Driving offer — it includes HERE Auto, HERE Auto Cloud, and HERE Auto Companion.

Additionally, users will also benefit from the improved HERE Traffic, which now sports a new system that offers the ability to process data faster and more accurately than before. HERE Connected Driving will be demonstrated at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt, Germany starting September 10.

This makes it the first end-to-end driving solution on the market today, allowing both car makers and in-vehicle technology suppliers to connect the vehicle and its driver to the cloud.

The cloud powered solution makes great use of Nokia’s expertise in the mapping market, and the company believes it can deliver an experience that goes beyond simple navigation.

HERE Auto, for example, ensures that users receive their maps even when are not connected. HERE Auto Cloud, on the other hand, promises access to dynamic services such as real-time traffic updates.

And finally, HERE Auto Companion, is being positioned as a customizable application, available both on the web and mobile, which will allow users to stay connected even when they are outside the car. The improved HERE traffic brings travel time estimates, allowing users to plan their routes better.

The company’s HERE mapping and navigation products are already highly popular among mobile phone users — particularly among owner of Windows Phone powered Lumia devices. The service is available to them for free, and is considered one of key factor behind Nokia’s Windows Phone success.

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