Thank havens for Nokia! Soon to be part of Microsoft, Nokia is the biggest reason why the Windows Phone platform is on an upwards trajectory. This side of Redmond’s own efforts, of course.

But surely, Microsoft would have found it difficult to attain this upwards trajectory without the Nokia brand recognition and the efforts of the Finnish company. And an important part of the puzzle are the custom apps that the company releases for users of Lumia devices.

And now, soon after the release of Windows Phone 8.1 (developer preview), Nokia has launched a new version of the App Folder application, namely From the looks of it, it appears that this new build comes with a series of performance improvements.

This app, obviously, allows owners of Lumia handsets to easily manage the home screen on their devices by grouping their chosen applications together in, well, folders.

Users can create folders, name and rename them, and add in applications, manage folder settings, and pin them on the Start Screen. Plus, there is no apparent limit to the numbers of folders that can be created in this fashion.

App Folder is a free app, and is available on the Windows Phone Store here for Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1 handsets.

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  1. Looks like an improvement. It’s what should be expected with Nokia helping out. I’ll wait until I use it before I make up my mind completely.

  2. Hmm. I can’t tell what I think about this. Of course it’s supposed to be an upgrade, but the picture doesn’t give me much excitement. I hope it’s better than it looks at this point in time.

  3. It’s a nice feature I guess. I’m not that into organizing apps and all that stuff, but for the those who like things a certain way, I imagine this will be popular. Just the first move by Nokia/Microsoft getting their feet wet.

  4. I love to keep apps in folders and keep things neat and tidy. This app was pretty much made for me, so as you can imagine I’m excited about it. I will download this tomorrow and try it out. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Seems like a nice, practical app. My issue is the color scheme and layout. I wish it didn’t look so plain and dull. Oh well, I may download it anyway. I hope they change it eventually though.

  6. I guess it’s a nice little feature. I’ve played around with it a little bit, but hopefully in future updates it will work like nested apps. When you click on a folder now, it still takes you to a new screen.

  7. Need something like that for Windows 8.1

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