Nokia Wants To Push Black Update To All Windows Phone 8 Lumia Sets This Month

Nokia Wants To Push Black Update To All Windows Phone 8 Lumia Sets This Month

Now this is called aiming to deliver. Nokia started the rollout of Update 3 (or GDR3, if you will) going by the name of Nokia Black for Windows Phone 8 a few weeks back.

And now the company has posted a bit of a status update of sorts, saying that it aims to push this latest version to almost all devices by the end of month — which is a good thing, because the end of January is just a couple of days away.

This post on the official Nokia Conversations blog confirms this, while adding that ultimately, final availability will vary by carriers and regions:

“Nearly all will have it by the end of January. Bear in mind that, for some models and regions, the timing of the update will be dependent on the localized network carrier.”

Compatible handsets will automatically check the availability of the update every week, Nokia says, and users will be notified when the Black update is ready to be installed on their devices.

Users can, however, also check for the update manually, as is usually the case.

The company also confirmed that Nokia Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 users will be able to download and install Nokia Beamer after the update, while Nokia ReFocus will also be available for handsets with more than 1GB of RAM.

Applications and settings will remain unaffected during the installation of the Nokia Black update.

This new version has already arrived for a great deal of devices, but a substantial number of users are still waiting for this new firmware. Good thing is that deployment is now only a matter of time.

What about you folks? Got this latest version? Loving it? Or still waiting for it?

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