If I were a betting man, I’d gladly have bet my farmhouse on this! Nokia Lumia is currently in the 20 series (with the 30 series of smartphones due this year), and the company just launched the Lumia 1020, its impressive new flagship.

But the Finnish telecom giant is aiming big and wants to ascend the numbers ladder even further for its phablet lineup — the first model of which is due to be unveiled as early as this September.

Nokia Bandit, the 6-inch smartphone has been doing the rounds in reports and online hardware benchmarks for some time now. And the latest on the handset is that we may just have found out what the company will be calling it.

The phablet should hit the store shelves as — wait for it — the Nokia Lumia 1520.

This new information comes from @evleaks, who in a short tweet revealed the name of the anticipated Windows powered phablet:

“Nokia Bandit = Lumia 1520.”

This particular source has been rather accurate and reliable in the past when it comes to leaked information, photos, and press images of smartphones, meaning this naming scheme has a good chance to pan out.

But for the time being, this is not official. And it may actually take a while before Nokia officially confirms this. The company is set to hold an event in New York in just under a month’s time — September 26 to be exact — and we may hear more about this device around that time.

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