Nokia X2 Teaser Suggests It Could Be Unveiled On June 24

There are strategies and there are stratagems. While we have no certain idea of Microsoft’s approach with the Nokia branded Android handsets, it seems certain that another one is marked for arrival.

The successor to the Nokia X lineup, the Nokia X2.

The first Android handset from Nokia (now part of Microsoft Mobile) was made official, after months of rumors and speculation, on February 24, during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. Since then we have had little in terms of official details of why Redmond is going ahead with these plans.

But it seems like a refreshed version of the device might arrive soon.

This teaser posted on the Nokia Conversations blog suggests a new green product that is set to make an appearance in a little over three days — June 24 to be exact, as the counter shows.

Nokia did something similar for the original Nokia X, using the green color to show off Android capabilities of that handset. And then there is the case of benchmarks leaking out on the web that show the company is preparing a new Android handset. As this one:


Add two and two together, and it is a fair bet that the Nokia X2 is incoming.

Previous reports on the matter hinted that the new device would sport a few notable design changes, including the presence of a dedicated home button on the front.

We’ll find out next week, fingers crossed.

  • Genie

    So is the X2 for Windows Phone or Android? I’m confused in that regard. It wouldn’t make sense for Nokia to work with Android at this point, but that’s what the article lead me to believe.