Well, it sure would be interesting to hear what the remaining Windows Phone partners think of this, because judging by how things are going Microsoft’s mobile platform may soon be ready for prime time around the globe, and this will put HTC, Samsung and Huawei even behind.

No one wants to be the company that ends up with a 2 percent market share when (not if) Windows Phone starts running wild with say a 30 percent slice of the overall mobile pie.

But it has been quite some time since Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia started leading the Windows Phone market, and now its hold on the segment is pretty much dominant.

The newest statistics from mobile adverting firm AdDuplex show that the company is now enjoying a remarkable 89.2 percent market share as far as the Windows Phone devices are concerned. In other words, almost nine in ten Windows Phone handsets now carry the iconic Nokia logo.

Breaking these numbers down to specifics show what everyone knows — the Nokia Lumia 520 is at the very top of the list with its 23.2 percent market share. The affordable handset continues to increase its lead and is followed by the Lumia 920 and Lumia 620, each with a 9.2 percent share.

As AdDuplex notes:

“It’s no surprise that Lumia 520 is continuing its rise as the top Windows Phone device out there (+1.9%). The newer flagships are still nowhere to be seen in the top 10 though. Only if we exclude the WP7 models we see the Lumia 925 at no.10.”

Rather interestingly, however, no less than 29.1 percent of Windows Phone devices out in the wild are powered by the older version of the operating system, Windows Phone 7. But this is a figure that radically differs depending on the market.

And just for the record, this information actually comes from data collected on October 11 from 1,411 Windows Phone apps that run AdDuplex SDK v2.

It will be interesting to see what the future holds for Microsoft’s mobile platform, and just how much Nokia consolidates the market before (and if) the other Windows Phone hardware makers start mounting a viable challenge.

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