It has become a tradition for many families that you watch out for Santa on Christmas Eve through the use of the North American Aerospace Defense Command’s updates. This service has evolved over the years as technology has progressed to bring us an easy website way of seeing where Santa is this upcoming Christmas Eve.

Now, it seems that the Windows Store has gotten its own NORAD official Windows 8 app, which will also be fully compatible with Windows RT.

The app is said to work very much like the websites that all are out there, and even though it is still weeks away from the big event, the app already provides basic information about about NORAD’s mission to keep their eyes out for Santa this year.

For those wondering how all this NORAD stuff started in the first place, apparently you can blame/thank Sears Roebuck. Back in 1955, Sears printed an add where you could call Santa directly. Unfortunately, a typo in the phone number didn’t connect to Sears at all, instead it provided a link directly to the Commander-in-Chief’s operations at NORAD.

For whatever reason, NORAD decided to take the calls anyhow and tell kids exactly where Santa was on Christmas Eve. This tradition has evolved with technologies like Windows 8, but at its heart is still very much the same as it has always been.

Is this app the most essential in the world? Probably not, but if you have a Windows 8 device and small children, using the app to ‘track’ Santa can be a heck of a lot of fun.

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  • Arnold

    What on earth can be more essential than Tracking Ol’ Saint Nick?

    Great App, I just told my daughter and she is happy as heck now.