It is becoming increasingly likely that the upcoming Windows 8.1 will chart up some new levels of success upon release, something that the vanilla Windows 8 platform did not really manage.

The release of the core operating system around this time last year brought with it a mixed range of responses, a subdued amount of new devices, and flat shipment numbers overall. Even though the OS recorded good initial sales numbers, thanks to the promotional pricing, but that was that.

Companies and users quite possibly wanted to secure a Windows 8 license at discounted prices, but it not really translate to real world market share and increased adoption.

But now with Windows 8.1, the first ever refresh of Microsoft’s latest operating platform, on the horizon, the company is once again expecting to give a boost to its own numbers as well as provide a helping hand to the ever collapsing PC hardware industry.

And as this report indicates, this is exactly what may happen.

Windows 8.1 is already showing signs of success early on, and notebook manufacturers are seeing a growing demand for new products. Most of them are ready to release new devices powered by the upcoming operating system upgrade, and have already made their new devices official.

More importantly, however, the OEM makers themselves have made concentrated efforts to release several exciting new products that cover all the price points — not to mention the performance increases of newer processors that power them.

Windows 8.1 is set to go live on October 18, and good times, it seems are coming alongside it.

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  • Ray C

    Maybe the OEMs will be less lazy this time around and the stores as well. I’ve already seen a couple good Walmart commercials for new Windows 8.x laptops. That’s exactly what Dell and others needs to be doing.They need to be pushing their products as well as Windows 8.1

    • Fahad Ali

      Hopefully not. 😛 We can’t afford another year of laziness, surely we can’t.

  • Mike Greenway

    I hope you’re right about the good times coming with 8.1, but if nations stop warring, commenter stop being so darn mean and the streets of NYC are safe at night, what will that really say about the power of this OS?
    (Guys just want to have fun)