This is an interesting photograph.

It shows Bill Flora, a key leader on the team that created Microsoft’s Metro interface. It was posted on CNET as part of an article about the new Windows Metro world order (my characterization not theirs).

The website CultofMac points out that the photo shows Bill seated in fron of a Mac laptop and screen.

Their quote:

Looks like a nice guy, right? Now take a look at Bill’s desk, and notice that he is designing Windows 8 using exclusively Apple products, including an Apple Cinema Display, a MacBook Pro, an Apple Bluetooth Keyboard and what appears to be a Magic Mouse.

Good taste in hardware, Bill! Windows 8… good enough to be designed on a Mac. Hey, that should be Microsoft’s new tagline!



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  • Mark Carruthers

    Maybe he boots into Windows.

  • Anonymous

    Everyone knows that Mac is better for design.. Why does it matter if he uses Mac or not? I like mac for graphic creation and still wouldnt use it as my main machine. 

    • Onuora Amobi

      I’m not sure that Microsoft would agree with you on that statement.

  • Alexlanza79

    I use Apple at home ad WinPC, I’m not a designer or anything, so I can’t judge Bill’s choice. For sure it’s unlike anyone can think about, I mean it would be unusual to see an Apple engineer using a Sony Vaio to test OSX (hackintosh Sony)! 

  • Fernando

    it’s a shame!

  • George Patrick Collins

    this is obviously bs dude lol were does it show anywere that this is his desk or even were this picture was taken lol i think its bs personaly

  • George Patrick Collins

    why is he wearing glasses and have a pair of glasses sitting on “his” desk hmmmmm 

  • CompUser

    This is obviously photo shopped. Look at where his ass meets the chair. He appears to be hovering slightly above the seat and you can see by the dark area around his ass that he was photo shopped into the photo. And the relection in the monitor is all wrong for the angle he’s “sitting”. The reflection looks like someone hunched over a bit, facing the monitor, and sitting in a high-back chair. Also, if you look out the window, this definitely was not taken at Microsoft’s big park-like campus in Redmond where Windows 8 is being developed. I’d say it’s a nice little prank by those crazy pranksters at CultofMac.

    • Onuora Amobi

      Nice theory except the original photo was taken by Jay Greene from CNET

  • Ktowndoug

    The photo was taken 6 months after Bill left MS. His new company’s name is visible in the screen reflection. This was simply bait by The Cult of Mac.