Numerous Windows 8.1 With Bing Devices To Be Shown Off At Computex

Redmond recently shared details of a fresh new SKU, one that goes by the rather offbeat name of Windows 8.1 with Bing, and is supposed to be offered free of charge to hardware manufacturers.

The idea being to pave way for more affordable Windows powered devices.

With the 2014 edition of Computex kicking off early next month (June 3 to June 7) it is expected that several new Windows 8.1 with Bing devices will be unveiled for the first time at the high profile event.

Launch, however, for many of these is only set for the third quarter of the year.

But how will these perform, that is the $16 million dollar question.

And according to the folks over at DigiTimes who once again cite their infamous supply chain makers in Taiwan, things will be slow to pick up, and the Windows platform overall is expected to have difficulties achieving strong growth.

Regardless of the sales performance, it does allow Microsoft the ability to mount an offensive in the tablet sector — not just against the countless Android slates, but the Apple iPad too.

At least on the affordable side of the market.

No point in giving Android so much headroom to corner the increasingly important lower end of the tablet market, an area that is poised for massive growth in the coming years.

  • Matthew Laws

    Big chance for MIcrosoft to showcase improvements. I would expect bing to be fully integrated by Jun 3rd. Let’s hope this is a success.