Nvidia CEO says low end PC’s running Windows 8 will be "exquisite"

This is an interesting prediction.

Nvidia‘s (NVDA) CEO Jen-Hsun Huang met with a couple of reporters at Barrons and he had some interesting things to say about the performance of Windows 8.

He said that by the end of next year, he expects Nvidia’s Tegra will be in both tablets and PCs running Windows 8.

His Quote:

The same $199 PC that is the bottom-of-the-barrel today will be “exquisite” when running Windows 8, said Huang. It will be super light, and will have a battery running for days and days. Making the equivalent of Apple‘s (AAPL) MacBook “Air” running on an processor based on ARM Holdings (ARMH) designs will be trivial, Huang suggested.

A lot of people making some really bold predictions about the quality of Windows 8.

Microsoft must be planning to really wow the critics with this OS.


  • Jharvey

    I wonder if my older PC, Dell running Win XP SP3, would be able to be upgraded to Windows 8 later?  I’ve got a 125 gig hard-drive and only about 60% used … yeah, it was bought several years ago and ancient by today’s standards, but I like it.  Got a desktop bought last year with Win 7 Home premium and daughter’s laptop is Win 7 home premium … don’t see them changing anytime soon.