This is big stuff. The NYPD is currently testing various Windows and Windows Phone powered devices, as part of a trial. The organization is said to be considering making a switch to Microsoft products.

According to reports, the New York Police Department was granted a $160 million budget to replace the tools officers are currently using, with more effective ones — no matter the choice of operating system or mobile platform.

The NYPD, in a statement, confirmed that they are not only testing A Windows tablet, but also a green Lumia 1520, which runs Windows Phone, meaning a switch is on.

This is what it reads:

“This $160 million initiative will upgrade the NYPD’s mobile technology platform and fund it over the next three years, allowing the Department to outfit up to 6,000 police cars with ruggedized tablet computers, as well as provide 35,000 handheld devices to every police officer.”

The press release makes it clear that the organization is testing a number of capabilities of the devices in this trial run. Officer safety features are high on this list, as is enhanced patrol efficiency.

Microsoft has, over the years, penned down several deals with major companies and organizations across the world, including police departments, providing them with tablets and smartphones. A win here wouldn’t exactly be a surprise.

Besides, we all know the story of how a Nokia Lumia 520 saved a police officer from taking a bullet.

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