Microsoft’s fledging new mobile platform may have a long fight ahead for dominance against Android and iOS, but BlackBerry is one competitor it is handily beating.

A few weeks ago, mobile network giant Telefónica revealed a strategy one-year partnership with Microsoft to help boost Windows Phone sales on its carriers in several key markets. Nokia also came away with an exclusive partnership with the mobile network titan.

The Finnish company announced that the 64GB version of the Nokia Lumia 1020, the 41 megapixel device, will be a global exclusive at Telefónica — all other operators have to make do with the 32GB variant of the smartphone.

Now the Windows Phone platform has secured another important victory, as the company has announced that it will be deploying WP8 handsets to its staff. A report over at WMPowerUser states that O2 is moving away from BlackBerry devices for its employees, in favor of Windows Phone devices.

Store managers and above will receive a Nokia Lumia 925, and everyone else gets the Lumia 520.

Cost is once again cited as one of the two key factors behind this decision. Mario Buchner of Telefónica Germany states that over the next year, the company will be saving around $332 million due to elimination of BlackBerry.

The second factor, again, is an often cited one — the Microsoft ecosystem.

More specifically, this means better compatibility and interoperability of Office applications. Windows Phone provides simple unrestricted access to all Office apps, free from any sorts of problems that are reported with editing Office documents on iOS and Android devices.

At the end of the day, this will be another severe blow to BlackBerry. The company recently reported underwhelming sales of its new generation smartphones, and moves like these will only add to its woes.

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