The Office division at Microsoft is busy at work on a bunch of interesting products, one of which we might be getting soon. Office 16 beta, it is being said, arrives next month.

No surprises here, keeping in mind the recent batch of screenshots we were tread to yesterday.

And while the stable build is still set for launch next year, you’ll be able to play with the early preview version of Microsoft’s newest productivity suite in just a few weeks from now. That is, if we go by this reliable bit of reporting from May Jo Foley.

The regular Microsoft watcher writes that Office 16 beta could be here any fine day in October 2014.

Redmond is also working on a touch optimized flavor of Office for Windows 8, and this could be unveiled in early 2015 if development goes according to plan — which, from what we’ve been hearing, is going according to schedule.

Likewise, the final stable version of Office 16 with its sleek and dark user interface is on track for retail launch alongside Windows 9, sometimes around April, next year.

Along with these two distinct products, the Office division at Microsoft is also busy improving and enhancing Office 365, the cloud-based, subscription-powered flavor of the productivity suite. It goes without saying that some of these new features will also transition over to the cloud version.

More to come in the coming months, then.

The excitement builds.


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  1. Can’t wait! I always love every version of Microsoft Office. It’s the best thing Microsoft offers in my opinion. This should be no different.

  2. Office can do so many things. Incredible set of applications. I will be waiting patiently for the next version in the meantime.

  3. Looking forward to playing around with it

  4. A touch optimized version of Office wound be very welcome & overdue.

    • Too true. Microsoft probably could have started development on this right after the base structure of the modern Windows was finalized, say a few months before the debut of Windows 8.

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