Eh, every day brings with it new surprises. Microsoft just released Office 2013 and the company’s flagship productivity suite has now made an appearance on its flagship Windows Store, albeit as desktop app.

People running the company’s new Windows 8 operating system can now look for and find the new Office suite through the Windows Store, and are they are then taken to the Office website when clicking to make a purchase.

According to Neowin, this particular section of the Windows Store is actually just a placeholder. Clicking on the URL opens up the browser, where a purchase can be made on the official website.

Microsoft launched the productivity suite at $139.99 for the Office Home and Student 2013 flavor, while the Office Home and Business version comes with a price tag of $219.99.

Office Professional 2013 costs a nifty $399.99.

This time around, Microsoft has given Office 2013 its very own app store, and the repository had over 200 third party add-ons at the time of this writing.

Those that are on a Windows RT device (including Microsoft’s very own Surface RT) already get a full version of Office Home and Student RT 2013 for free.

Ultimately though, as much as Redmond tried, this new version of Office is not particularly touch optimized, especially for tablets. These features seem much more of an afterthought and could do with some more polish.

Still, this is the first true version of Office for the new platform, and there is hope that we will see it come into its own in due time.

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  1. What about those who already have it? Do they have to pay again?

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