Businesses and enterprises are, by their very nature, slow to react to new developments in hardware and software. It usually takes months for large companies to evaluate and move to a new platform.

Luckily for Microsoft, many did not waste much time transitioning to Office 365.

At the ongoing WPC 2014 conference in Washington, the software titan revealed that the cloud powered office productivity suite is its fastest growing corporate product of all time — a crowning achievement, all things considered.

For starters, it shows that the software as a service model works for Microsoft, and secondly, Office still remains a key product for the company, even with several other productivity solutions now available.

No wonder the division brings in the most revenue for Redmond.

But that comes as little surprise, as Phil Sorgen confirmed on stage at the Worldwide Partner Conference earlier today that there are more than 1 billion users that use both Windows and Office.

The company continues to not only enhance Office 365 with new features, but also refine the subscription models that are better aligned to consumer needs. The last such announcement came last week, when three new plans were revealed.

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  1. Not a surprise to me at all. Office 365 is Microsoft’s best product in awhile. Great work out of Redmond here. Keep it up

  2. It’s a great product.

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