Nothing new that we’ve not heard before, but it still is good to hear it from the higher ups. Office 365, Microsoft’s CEO says, is their most strategic API.

And with good reasons too.

Profits are not what they once were for the Windows division, owing to slow down in acceptance of the modern versions of the operating system and the general decline in hardware sales. This has resulted in the Office division taking the lead for Redmond in terms of revenue.

Office and Azure, both, present tremendous opportunities for growth.

And this, according to Satya Nadella, is what Microsoft is basing its future strategy on. When asked, the CEO said that Office 365 is what the company considers the most valuable API right now.

He was speaking at the Gartner Symposium ITxpo yesterday.

The reason for this is that Office extensibility and data, which has so far resulted in billions of identity transactions in Azure Active Directory.

Add to this the notion that the Azure cloud platform is not easily accessible to consumers, while Office is as much a consumer product as it is an enterprise solution. Microsoft has found immense success with home, education and personal subscriptions for Office 365 over the past few years.

It’s easy to see why Nadella considers Office the best API that Microsoft has, and looking at the competition, the situation might not change anytime soon.

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