A gratifying moment for Microsoft, surely. The company has delivered on its promise of offering an amazing 1 TB of storage for each Office 365 Home and Personal customer.

At no additional cost, of course.

And the amazing thing is that this is not all — an Office 365 Personal subscriber gets a terabyte (1,000 gigabytes roundabout) of space, but packages that include more users also get this much for every user. Office 365 Home subscribers, for instance, now get a maximum of 5 TB of free storage.

Microsoft says that the extra storage has been added to the majority of accounts, and calls this move a part of its commitment to users.

In the words of Angus Logan, the head of product management and product marketing:

“We really want to make OneDrive the one place for all the stuff that people have in their personal and work lives. And part of delivering that is to give people enough storage to move all their stuff into the cloud. Now, they don’t need to worry about space anymore.”

Well, that’s one less worry, if you are into cloud storage and all.

In case you are yet to see the 1 TB capacity yet, click on “Get more storage” section of OneDrive, and then select the additional space that appears next to your subscription type.

So basically, $6.99 a month not only gets you the Personal package of Office 365, it also nets you a roaring 1 terabyte of online storage space for all your files. Or you know, five times as much if you subscribed form the Home package.

There are offers you cannot refuse. This surely is one such offer.

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  1. A terabyte is so astronomically huge. A good day for all 365 subscribers. And certainly a good move out of Redmond.

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