Microsoft has already launched its Office suite of applications for iPad, and now we have some reports on Office for Android tablets. There is word that a launch is imminent.

Imminent, as in early November.

The software titan has already brought its office productivity solution to the dominant Android platform in the form of a smartphone friendly variant of Office, which actually arrived on Android handsets back in July last year.

Then a few months later, Microsoft initiated a beta testing program for Office, with both home and business users getting private invitations to try the upcoming versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

And now sources are hinting that the company is ready to launch the Android tablet flavor of Office as early as the start of next month. And not only that, Microsoft will also be announcing the timeline for the next Office for Mac release, along with a public preview.

Some pretty big movements on the Office front, that’s for sure.

Reports also claim that Microsoft plans to optimize Office for Android tablets for devices with bigger screen sizes, like 10-inch and 12-inch.

The Google Play store already hosts several office productivity solutions, but there is every chance that users will gravitate towards Microsoft’s flagship suite. The big question is how many Android users will be willing to pay for the privilege.

This probably is the reason why Microsoft launched Office on iPad first.

But the Android platform, with tablet devices like the Samsung Galaxy NotePRO 12 and the soon to be released Sony Xperia 12 is now well and truly ready for some Microsoft Office action.

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