While users of the most popular tablet in the world have been able to open and edit Office documents one way or another, none of these third-party apps offered a native experience.

Redmond has now jumped into the mix, by officially announcing Office for iPad.

Rumors of Microsoft’s flagship productivity suite on Apple’s tablet have been doing the rounds for at least two years now, but even though it is undeniably a cornerstone product for the software titan, the company had reserved the availability of Office for its Surface line of tablets.

But Office for iPad goes live on the App Store today at 11:00 AM PDT.

Microsoft’s chief of Office Division Product Management, Julia White, took to the stage to present the new Office for iPad at a San Francisco event earlier today, while new CEO Satya Nadella was also at hand to discuss the company’s efforts in this particular market.

Here is the announcement video that goes over the features of the apps:

The new productivity suite now comes to the iPad with a completely touch optimized interface that seems really enhanced for editing everything from documents to spreadsheets and presentations.

The free apps can be used to open and view files, though an Office 365 subscription is required for the full editing and creation experience — the good thing is that this looks to be an app designed from the grounds up, instead of a simple port of the Windows version.

And more importantly, Office for iPad offers local storage support that allows users to save and manage documents right on their tablet, though OneDrive can also be used to save their documents.

Microsoft also recently launched a new Personal plan for Office 365 for $6.99 per month or $69.99 per year that provides access for one PC or Mac and one tablet at the same time.

You can download Word, Excel and PowerPoint for iPad here.

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  1. The app looks great. Microsoft was late to the game on this, but since no one can really compete with office, it didn’t matter. iPad owners seem to have a great app on their hands.

  2. The video is an awesome advertisement for Office. As Ted mentioned, it took longer than it should have, but this will be an undeniable success. It just can’t go any other way based on Office’s track record. 😉

  3. I can’t even get my powerpoints to look that good on my PC. LOL. I’m impressed with what I’ve seen and read so far. Seems like it’s outstanding, which is no surprise.

  4. Nice video. It looks like Microsoft really outdid themselves here! I hope iPad owners know what the have here!

  5. Bill Franklin / March 27, 2014 at 1:25 pm /Reply

    Well, it took awhile for this to come out, but Microsoft made a quality product here. There’s no doubt about that from the videos and early reviews. As Ted mentioned, there’s no real competitors, so Microsoft could take their time and produce a high quality app.

  6. Dominico-James Black Eagle Hod / March 27, 2014 at 1:44 pm /Reply

    It should have come out for Windows 8.1 first.

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