The only thing that remains is the final approval from recently crowned CEO Satya Nadella. Redmond has long been rumored to be developing a touch-optimized flavor of its leading Office productivity suite.

These versions are expected to launch not just on Windows powered tablets, but devices like the iPad, the iPhone and the myriad of Android slates. Company official have dropped various hints on the matter these past few months, suggesting that development is underway.

And now according to this report from Reuters, the bulk of the development work (at least for the iOS platform) is now complete, with the project awaiting the final green light to go live.

If this latest gossip is true, then it shows that Microsoft sees Apple platforms as the most appealing of markets, ahead of Windows 8 and surely Android. Interest on the iPad really must be high.

But perhaps the most vital element here is the sustained competition from the various alternatives that are available for competing mobile platforms — most of these productivity suites are offered free of charge to users.

Then again, one of the future strategies that ValueAct Capital outlined last year was enhanced emphasis on cloud and expanding the availability of the Office suite of productivity apps to other platforms.

Besides, if an iPad version is ready to go live, a true Metro flavor might not be too far behind.

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  • Ted Smith

    It’ll be very interesting to see how this progresses. Part of me believes we may soon reach a point where tablets will be the new laptops and laptops will cease to exist. I wonder if the release of Office on these tablets is just the first step.

    • Jason Claven

      I may even take it a step further, Ted. I think there’s a possibility we may get to an age where our Cell Phones are the laptops, tablets, computers, music and video players, and everything in between.

      • Jake

        I’m with you, Jason. The one thing to keep in mind though is that Phone screens are too small for a lot of people to use things like office or watch movies, so the tablets may be the best of both worlds.

  • Bill Franklin

    This could revolutionize the use of tablets in the workplace. If office is as good as it can be, I’m definitely grabbing a tablet because now I can do work on the go much more easily than on my portable computer.

    • Wayne S

      You could be right, but I personally think the keyboard and the memory space and life span will keep laptops and desktops around for a long time.