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Or rather, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is the one doing the talking here, explaining the details of the mobile first, cloud first strategy — that he is actively pursuing.

When compared to the devices and services approach of his predecessor.

He was quick to point out this number, saying that no longer does Microsoft develop exclusively for the Windows platform, as it did back in the days. Instead, the company has embraced a fully cross-platform future, and wants to make more of its products available on all devices and platforms.

The proof is in the pudding, then.

As confirmed, the Office mobile apps have seen big success so far on iOS and Android platforms:

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“We are clearly taking Office everywhere. Core to our mobile first strategy is to ensure that our service end points are on every mobile device, and to that end, we have seen continued momentum with more than 100 million downloads of Office on iPhones, iPads, and Android tablets.”

He did say that all this does not mean that Microsoft has given up on its own platforms.

Not by a long shot.

With Windows 10 set to see daylight later this year, Nadella expects the new operating system to usher in a new era of more personal computing. But it will be an era where the mobility of the experience, not the device is paramount.

The very definition of the philosophy that Microsoft is following these days.

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