And as a universal app, at that. Apple iPad already has a redesigned, touch optimized version of Microsoft Office, but Windows Phone is still stuck on Office for Mobile.

All that is set to change soon, as there are reports that Office Touch is about to arrive on Windows Phone 8.1 in a few months. The suite of apps will be released as a universal app, which means that it will work on all devices powered by Microsoft’s modern operating platform.

These include Windows 8.1, Windows RT 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1.

Redmond, obviously, detailed the big features of the first refresh of their new mobile OS, known as Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1, but the company did not mention the arrival of Office Touch in that lengthy announcement.

The developer preview of the mobile operating system is set to arrive with a number of enhanced enterprise features like VPN and Apps Corner.

And the addition of the touch based version of the Office suite, will only add to the business appeal of the Windows Phone platform — in fact, this seems to be the idea.

Plus, it should also provide a push to the Windows 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1 operating systems, at least on touch devices like tablets and hybrids. Users have been demanding a native touch optimized flavor of Office for years now, and it seems they will finally get their wish.

There are even hints that Microsoft will reveal the first details of Office Touch for Windows Phone 8.1, prior to the public rollout of Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1.

Oh, the wait.

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  • Jason Claven

    A big step in making all Microsoft products more integrated. This is also obviously a major draw to the Windows Phone in general. Monumental news for the company, because if this hits and is fully capable, then I expect big things from Windows Phones going forward.

    • AustinPowers

      Very astute point. Office Touch could be a huge turning point for a lot of Windows going forward. Being a big believer in Office, I obviously think this is going to be an extremely profitable and successful move for Redmond.

      • Black Eagle

        I can’t wait. I’ve been using the standard office on my Lumia 2520 when without my laptop.

  • Ray C


  • hooksie

    Next few MONTHS. Just to be clear, they have already released it on iOS and Android but their own OS is still months behind? Microsoft seem to enjoy shooting themselves in the foot and giving the finger up to their own customers. Rightly or wrongly it really angers me that as a Surface owner and someone who has completely bought into Windows Phone and Windows 8 that I am deemed less important to Microsoft than getting iOS and Android users downloading their app. If they had a proper touch version of Office for Windows Phone and Windows RT/8 then that would be a USP for them, as it is they’re behind those other platforms so why would you?
    Microsoft are full of great ideas and brilliant products but they are complete idiots when it comes to marketing and user perception.