While Box has had a Windows Store app for a little while now, we are finally seeing the first official Dropbox app. This is great news, as Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud storage services on the net today and is known for working with a wide range of different platforms.

The new DropBox app allows you to browse and view all your files found in your Dropbox account, as well as allowing you to easily share any file, photo or folder with Windows 8’s Share charm.

Outside of Box, the other major rival for DropBox on Windows 8 and RT devices is Microsoft’s own SkyDrive. There are many reasons to use SkyDrive, but if you need more storage space and a method that is widely available with just about every mobile and desktop platform– Dropbox is hard to beat.

The big question isn’t if Dropbox’s services are good, as most will say YES, but whether or not this app is well-buit or not. So far there are over 28 reviews for the app, all with a 4-star rank, if that helps clarify the situation any. That said– the app isn’t perfect.

The Dropbox app is all about viewing files. If you are looking to view locally synced files or upload new ones, the app is sadly still lacking at the moment. This is certainly a good start though, and will likely improve over time. Have you tried out the new Dropbox app? If so, what do you think of it compared to SkyDrive or Box?

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